Video Recipes by Chef Romain Fornell

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Recipes by Chef Romain Fornell, Masterchef performed at the Masterclass on the occasion of the 2007 World Gourmet Summit.

About Chef Romain Fornell:

Going back to the basics is what Romain Fornell believes in. Convinced that "without knowing the products you cannot create something interesting", he spends most of his time learning how ingredients find their way into the kitchen. His emphasis on having the best ingredients won him a Michelin star in France and recently, another one in Spain.

Fornell is currently the highest exponent of new French cuisine in Barcelona and by extension, Spain. His passion, coupled with experience gained from working with the legendary Alain Ducasse, allowed him to come up with daring and spectacular innovations. Taking classics like Escoffier and Catalonian cuisine, he infused them with his own inventions and created mind-boggling yet delicious dishes like the suckling pig confit and sardine couscous.



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Posted by: Mary Beth Montgomery #1

I had a most delicious pastry at breakfast. It was a cream-filled pastry that was dusted with sugar and spices. It was lighter than a doughnut but not as flakey as a croissant. Might is be possible to obtain the recipe?
Thank you.