El Palace is home to Barcelona's most exclusive halls, available to all those looking for an exceptional, unique setting in the heart of the city.

El Palace guarantees your celebration will exceed all expectations, held in a setting designed to ensure the success of every event.

The hotel has five halls specially equipped to cater to your every need.

Gran Vía Salon

Gran Vía SalonAs its name suggests, the Gran Vía Hall is located in front of one of Barcelona's most famous avenues, and is the perfect symbol of the hotel's luxurious splendour.

Dalí Salon

Dalí SalonThe Dalí Hall, named after world-renowned artist Salvador Dalí, who made El Palace Hotel his home during a period of his life, offers visitors a welcoming, refined space that is decorated mostly in a beige palette.

The Garden

The GardenEl Jardín is undoubtedly the hotel's hidden gem. An open space in the centre of Barcelona that swiftly takes us back to the 1920s with its elegant black and white checkered floor.

Rubí & Topacio Salons

Rubí & Topacio SalonsRubí and Topacio, two twin halls awaiting your arrival to host work meetings, lunches and private dinners. Decked out in crimson and gold, they are perfect for all kinds of events where you aim to captivate your guests.